Sparking some serious curiosity ever since their latest EP dropped on Sony / Four Music in Europe just a few weeks ago, Kowesix and Tobitob – aka Moonbootica – are now ready to take on the US and Canada with the official worldwide release of their latest single ‘These Days Are Gone’ – out today on Ultra Records / Sony Music.
With three critically acclaimed studio albums and a slew of successful singles under their belt already, the Hamburg natives are certainly no strangers to the electronic music scene. In a different vein to their previous electro heavy sounds, ‘These Days Are Gone’ is a contagiously blissful, disco-inspired tune that has already amassed over 100,000 plays on YouTube alone. Paired with melodic piano chords that complement the jovial female vocals and a crisp and punchy bass line throughout, the track looks set to be a sure-fire summer hit for Moonbootica.
There’s no telling how far this dynamic duo will go, but one thing is for sure, this is not the last time you will be hearing from these Germans. Keep your eyes peeled for a remix package set to be released in early fall and be sure to follow Moonbootica on their socials to stay up to date with any upcoming tour announcements!

Originally written for ENL by euphoria

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