Time has lapsed in the blink of an eye. Some days felt long, others short, time keeps fluctuating. It feels like an eternity before the city of Miami becomes a melting pot for electronic music. Residents and tourists alike prepare for the annual Miami Music Week and the city is about to be hit with a high tide. With it comes the capital ship of the week, Ultra Music Festival. Just two days after the revelry of St Patrick’s day, Miami is beginning to see the explosion of tourists from all over the world in a week of economic boom.

Every single venue in the city will more than likely host events. Some host these events every day of the week and others for a couple of days, nonetheless it’s a busy time for all. Locals experience this every year and veterans of the week and Ultra Music Festival know just what to expect. But what about to the inexperienced? The first timers, novices, newcomers, what ever you want to call them. The question is: what are some tips for those who are about to have the experience of a lifetime? Well here’s a brief list of tips for maximizing your experience during Miami Music Week 2018.


Miami Music Week 2018 Tips

  1. Dont forget the essentials: your proper ID form and event tickets, do a check with friends before heading out! You will save everyone the headache.
  2. Arrive early: Dont miss those acts you paid a lot of money for because you were lagging. Remember, the city is saturated with people heading to the same venues. Long lines await those heading to the clubs. Some may even be overbooked and you’ll have to wait before you get in. (Even if you have event tickets). This goes especially for those free events.
  3. Be wary of scams. It’s a thing every year. Dozens of “out of place” looking individuals yelling at the top of their lungs that they’re selling tickets. Don’t fall into a scam. Have someone walk you in to be sure that ticket isn’t a counterfeit.
  4. Get orientation around the city and the beaches. If in the case you’re the type to get lost easily or decide to wander around, you’ll be able to properly navigate and stay out of harm’s way.
  5. Stay hydrated. Between the time at the beach, alcohol consumption, dancing, the humidity and blistering sun of mid-day Miami, a little hydration frequency will keep you top shape. A lot of people tend to forget that the Miami heat (not the basketball team) drains you if you’re not accustomed to humidity.
  6. Remember to dress accordingly, some venues do have a dress code, it’s not all swimsuits and flip-flops around here.
  7. Between the city-scape, hundred thousand plus extra people and the need to post on social media, your communication device is bound to die. Scenario: You’re stuck in a rut, without a phone, zero sense of direction in this Metropolis, everyone’s in a rush, disconnected from friends. Write down a list of contacts on a post it note and make sure it doesn’t get wet.


Ultra Music Festival Tips

  1. Ultra Music Festival bolsters a massive line up, check out artists who you haven’t seen. Some of these artists and b2b’s on the line up are exclusive to this festival and dont travel around the US, dont miss on that opportunity.
  2. In case of emergency – Dont be afraid to go to the EMTs!!! This can be the difference between life and death for some who overdid it and just know that EMTs arent around to get you in trouble, theyre there to help.
  3. There are multiple stages, dont just stick to one, there are different vibes everywhere you go.
  4. Just like in the previous section, you may get lost from your friends, set up an easy to get to, quiet meet up spot just in case.
  5. Again, like in the previous section, make sure to orient yourself around the festival. Especially if it’s your first time. Luckily the buildings in the background help you with that.
  6. Locate any water stations available, paying for water adds up, use it for better things.
  7. Live in the moment, put your phone away, make genuine connections with people, just be.
  8. Grab one of those little brochure and maps for the festival, your device may die.
  9. Stay up to date with surprise performances and guest sets, remember… “Expect the unexpected”.
  10. Most importantly have fun, get lost in the music.


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